Our Services

We are a family-owned and operated business. Being proud dog owners ourselves, we understand that your dog needs special attention while you’re away. Although it’s not fun leaving your pet behind while you travel, rest assured, we are caring for your pet as if he or she were our own.

Unlike other kennels we live a stone’s throw away from our kennel which allows us to maximize the time we spend with your pet while you are away.

Maximum occupancy
 Six dogs. This means personalized care for your pet.



Clean and comfortable, pet-proof kennel, put health and safety first.

At Maple Lawn, your dog’s health and safety comes first. Our kennels are constructed with sturdy pet-proof materials and easy-to-clean floors. All surfaces are washed and disinfected daily.

Consistency is important for your pet, accordingly, we encourage you to bring your own dog food and we will ensure that your pet has fresh water at all times.

We will administer medications to you dog.  All medications must be organized in a pill box and labeled.

Flea and tick treatments required
Pet must have all immunizations






Fecal Exam within 6 months
Must be able to provide veterinarian certificate of immunizations.

Premium Services Available
 Pick up and drop off to accommodate your travel schedule
 Cooked meals
 Hikes up our backyard mountain
Summer time is pool time

Please Print these Required Forms and bring with you upon arrival